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Take 5 with Former Resident Pam Singha

This week we had the chance to interview a Subletinn community favorite, Pam Singha. Pam is originally from Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to the States a number of years ago. Let’s take a look at what she had to say about living at our Francis house in Chicago.

Hi Pam! How Long Did You Live in Francis House?

I lived in Francis for a year and a half. At first, I thought it would be temporary. I was trying to find something really quick after an arrangement fell through with one of my friends. The process of moving into Subletinn was really quick and smooth. I saved money, and it was so simple. It is such a great option for both international travelers and American residents!

How Would You Describe Co-Living?

It’s like finding a group of people that act like siblings or really close companions in your life. I am an only child, I had never experienced the perks of having people in my house around the same age as me that I could go and do random things with. You get to connect with so many people.

What Do You Love About Living in Chicago?

A big highlight would be transportation. It is easy to commute in Chicago more than any other city I have been to. Chicago feels s mall enough for you to keep and build your connections, yet big enough to bring you elsewhere. Also… Lou Malnati’s Pizza *chefs kiss*

What Surprised You About Living at Subletinn?

The relationships look a lot different than what you would think. You get to know everyone bit by bit. Everyone who comes in fits so well with the atmosphere. Everyone is welcoming and wants to explore the city together. I had no idea I would still be in contact with so many people I have connected with at Subeltinn.

Do You Have Any Advice for People Looking into Co-Living?

Co-Living really depends on what you as an individual is looking for. Subletinn is great for people who are first moving into the city or looking to build connections. Not only is it an amazing environment to live in, but it gives you a great chance to build your network.

Co-living is a unique and easy way to find a community in a new city. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities at Subletinn please contact us! We would love to get to know you and help you find a place to call home in Chicago. Our spaces are filled with amenities that make your transition simple. With beautiful locations set in the heart of Chicago, you would be amazed at the experiences awaiting you with Subletinn. Thanks for tuning into our blog! Stay Inn The Loop on all things Chicago by joining our subscription list!

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